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Do you want to reduce transaction time & manual intervention from your current trade processing system ?

In the new era of trade settlement, client needs are becoming more sophisticated and you (banks, asset owners, asset managers, brokers/dealers, and custodians) must surpass their rising expectations. NSEIT can help you meet your customers need as well as make your operations less personal-dependent and more technology-reliant with XpressSTP.

XpressSTP – scalable messaging hub that is uniquely capable of satisfying the market’s daunting needs in the area of scale, security and speed – all while handling unpredictable bursts of activity and enabling compliance with ever-shifting regulations.

With XpressSTP you can achieve –


settlement cycle


Reduced risk &


Seamless communication between participants


Greater visibility of transactions

"XpressSTP is rated as the most preferred platform for trade settlement by leading custodians & brokerage house in India"

Discover how XpressSTP can help you in your Trade Operations