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Today 80%-90% of global trade relies on some or other type of trade finance. It is estimated that annually 4 billion pages and documents are circulated in trade finance operations. These trade finance operations involve processes that are highly focused on documentation and scrutinization.

But with rising trade volumes, banks are exposed to huge volume of documents with unstructured data, diverse risks, and a high degree of regulation. Which therefore leads to operational challenges that are highly prone to human error and oversight, thus resulting in poor-risk compliance and increased costs arising out of it.

NSEIT & Antworks Intelligent Trade Finance Automation solution can help banks bring in the much-needed transformation. Our fully automated solution, comprises of RPA and advance cognitive automation that enables bank to propel their trade finance automation journey.

We can help you achieve



Data-Capture Accuracy



Increase in Productivity


100 %





We provide an end-to-end integrated state-of-art solution to digitize and automate trade finance transaction processes like – cover document digitization, document scrutinization, trade finance rule checks & applications, compliance management, business process management, and reporting.

We can help bring in paradigm shift in the Trade Finance world with our AI powered solution by

  • Speeding up application & compliance document verifications with NLP-based entity
  • Handling multiple data formats with a single platform
  • Enabling assisted validation and screening of entities for automated compliance checks & risk
  • Assisting operations integrate to the existing process and improve efficiencies

Discover how our solution will change the way you work