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Rapidly evolving and transforming technology landscape and customer expectations are shaping the future dynamics of the trading solutions today.There is a need for more reliable, robust and resilient solution for exchanges and marketplaces which can keep up the pace with ever-changing market requirements.

Built upon rich tapestry of NSEIT’s experience in capital markets, our trading solution is a powerfulpurpose-built software that can help marketplaces and financial firms to -discover and analyze trading opportunities, formulate market strategy, design and streamline workflow, and monitor real-time market moves and risk assessment. NSEIT’s trading solution is built to meet end-to-end trading needs of the marketplace thereby simultaneously accelerating the innovation opportunities. Built upon a resilient infrastructure our platform has a lower latency rate and it can operate in the most intense and dynamic market conditions keeping up with customer’s need and demand.


Unlock new markets and revenue streams in the trading world with NSEIT

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NSEIT is a strategic business unit of National Stock Exchange of India (NSE) and carrying that legacy and brewed experience of capital markets we provide dedicated trading solutions to leading financial institutions globally. Our unique, trading solution is purpose-built which enables us to incorporate our capabilities, broadening and simplifying end user experience while trading. Everything we do is underpinned by our core values of trust and partnership, which enables us to provide open and innovative technology solution that truly is transformational. So is our trading solution designed to fit your trading needs.

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