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Setup world-class Offshore Center in India

Infrastructure Availability – Anytime and Anywhere with top-notch software solution

In the wake of the “great digitization of the century” (bought by COVID-19), businesses are at the peak of VUCA - Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity. To beat these factors all the traditional and contemporary organizations are under tremendous pressure to adapt digitization practices across different processes and deliver value to achieve Customer Delight!

There are a lot of practical challenges that the service providers’ face while delivering customer centric solutions. Quick availability of skilled resources who are not only technically sound but also have relevant industry experience is one of the key challenges apart from Cost & other factors.

Offshore development brings in various benefits like

Access top tech skills

Ramp up and ramp down

Scalability & flexibility

Faster time to market

Efficient project management

Domain Expertise (not just technical skills)

We enable companies to set up their own dedicated offshore development center to leverage cutting-edge technologies.



NSEIT is a Digital Transformation Company Native to the BFSI industry. Unlike other competitors who cater to various industries, NSEIT has experts who have a better understanding of the Financial system. We help our clients scale by offloading their Technology processes to us. NSEIT is a perfect mix of skill and technology that enables our clients to improve their profit margins.

Key Factors that enable NSEIT to deliver value to Global BFSI Community

Experience delivering IT Services

NSEIT is in the industry for more than 2 decades. Being 100% subsidiary of The National Stock Exchange of India, NSEIT has experience handling the mammoth infrastructure of the Stock Exchange


NSEIT is 27001:2013, ISO 9001:2015 and CMMi ML5 certified. We guide enterprises to achieve cost efficiency and accelerate the time-to-deliver by leveraging the NSEIT delivery model, proven methodologies, standardized tools and mature processes for enterprise infrastructure management services (IMS).

Flexibility in time zone

24*7 support with resources deployed to work as per customer time zone


DR, Security, Support, Fault-tolerant, Redundant, Business Continuity, DC


Delivery centers in key cities across India – Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, Delhi

With NSEIT’s ODC Services, global giants have solved issues like

Knowledge transfer

Technology obsolesce

Time to market

Compliance risk

Difference in time zone

Secured infrastructure

Client Spotlight

NSEIT’s BFSI centric Offshore Development Model is designed to help Global BFSI community scale up their Shared Services Business or set up their own Innovation Hub in India. We are currently delivering value to
One of the World’s Largest Stock Exchange
Help them setup a team of Capital Market domain experts to help migrate their Clearing and Settlement platform
US based Clearing Corporation specializes in derivatives clearing
Our team of experts led product customization and integration services spanning over couple of years
Digital Transformation Services Company
With the flexibility to ramp-up and ramp-down, NSEIT is providing niche (technology + domain skilled) resources so that client can deliver the solutions faster
APAC based Stock Exchange
Handling the complete Non-Functional Testing piece of their platform which included a proprietary NSEIT performance tool

NSEIT’s ODC Offerings

Perfect mix of Innovation + Technology + Infrastructure + Skills = Your Extended arm

Engagement Models

Dedicated ODC

Dedicated model is best suited for long-term projects with unclear scope and requirements. Within this model, clients will have a whole team at their disposal and follow a simple pricing system. Clients will pay a monthly sum of money that covers the salary of each team member plus overheads, including the outsourcing provider’s administrative and infrastructure expenses.

Dedicated Team

With this model, we aim to provide a full-time dedicated software development team that is adept at handling the unique needs of your IT projects. Leverage ready-to-use infrastructure and skills along with the flexibility to change priorities troubleshoot and intimate changes.

Hybrid Model

This model combines the offshore and onsite models, resulting in optimum cost and maximum efficiency. The onsite team directly interacts with the client and serves as consultants, program managers or developers depending upon the project’s requirements. The offshore team interacts only with the onsite team, and provides additional support, thereby reducing costs and implementation time significantly.

Fixed Cost Model

This model is suitable for short-term, small, and medium-sized projects with well-defined scope and specifications. The timeframe and cost are fixed before the project begins, and clients will be charged accordingly.

Time & Material

This model is recommended when the scope and the specifications of the projects are subject to change. Clients can add or remove resources as their project requirements are modified. They will be charged based on the actual amount of time and effort the software developers spend working on the project.

But customers have the flexibility to choose the model they want to engage and go ahead with.

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In the software world, offshoring is where a company builds a dedicated team of developers and opens a new office, all in another country. They are regular employees in every sense except that instead of working locally, they're based elsewhere.

Outsourcing is typically hiring developers on an ad-hoc basis for sporadic projects. But these developers do not work for you: they cater to different clients and different projects. Since the main driver for outsourcing is cost, companies push hard for the lowest price possible.
Whereas, offshore teams are full-time employees that get a good wage, professional structure, and a respected brand to commit their work to. As long as you work with the right offshore development services partner, offshoring allows you to produce software exactly how you do at home – except it’s cheaper, and quite possibly to a higher standard.

Following are some of the major reasons as to why companies are going for ODC models –

Operating costs:Building teams in India is less expensive than in leading established markets like Paris, or London, or New York. Premises, equipment, and salaries are all lower thanks to the more affordable cost of living

Scarcity of talent:Across Western Europe and America, highly-qualified software engineers can be hard to nail down. Tech economies like Bangalore produce more world-class IT engineers than anywhere on the planet

Limited expansion:Quickly scaling-up business can be difficult. Going offshore lets businesses purchase larger offices, change more dynamically, and not worry about finding adequate staff

Establishing your new team all starts with choosing the best offshore development partner (NSEIT is one of the most preferred ODC partner to multiple MNCs in India). This is the local company that collaborates with you to create the best-fitting team for your business.
Through in-depth meetings and regular contact, your partner will build an understanding of exactly what you need. They then coordinate the recruitment, payroll and taxation, local registration and legalities, acquiring premises to build the offshore development centre, and other administrative tasks.

We ensure that we provide best-in-class support to companies requiring to set up an offshore development center in India. Our process is transparent and comprised of many time-boxed sprints.
  • Planning and Requirement Gathering
  • Design-led iterative development
  • CI/CD Performance Optimization
  • Testing
  • Improvisation basis market and stakeholder feedback

Yes, certainly. Our offshore development center provides flexibility to choose an engagement model basis your requirements. In fact, the dedicated model allows you to hire your own resources, onboard them and scale up or down basis the requirements.

The dedicated offshore development center in India that we set up with you follows all the project management, Agile and engineering best practices such as daily standups, access to track bugs, continuous integration, routine sprint demos, continuous testing, join retrospectives and much more. This will ensure that the communication is seamless and the project is delivered on time or before.

The offshore development process is selecting offshore development companies that are located at a distant location. Hence, we need to ensure a few parameters are in place in order to take benefit of software development partner

Maintained security standard

The IT business you choose must keep up with the 1most up-to-date security policies in place to protect all of your data and software.

Relevant Experience

Your ideal offshore outsourcing partner must have relevant experience in all the fields necessary for your project. They should also have a futuristic approach for apps to be scalable and sustainable as per market trends.

Technical Expertise

Always keep a track of past client records, testimonies, past clientele, and other details of completed projects. This will provide you with insights on which technologies they have worked with and mastered.

NSEIT’s Offshore Development Model offers excellent cost-effective solutions to help organizations delegate hiring and managing resources. The customer can get the infrastructure and security designed to meet specific standards and specifications. Many clients have dedicated teams at NSEIT's offshore centers and have benefited from quality work, quick turnaround times, and cost advantages. Our services, solutions and expertise help organizations deliver what is most critical to their success – faster and better business practices.

NSEIT has been providing skill based ODC solutions to organizations across tech spaces like App Modernization (Monolithic to Microservices based architecture), Data Analytics (Data Lakes,Data Warehousing, Data Visualization), Automation (RPA, IPA, Document processing), Infrastructure & Cloud Services (Azure, AWS) and Testing (Manual, Automation).