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Aujas Cybersecurity

Securing your Digital Landscape

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The Way Forward

Digitization has immensely contributed to expanding the scope for security strategy and operations. Stand-alone point solutions are no longer adequate to thrive against growing threats and expanding attack surface. CISOs find themselves handling ‘reactive security’ rather than driving ‘responsive resilience’. The need of the hour is to embed security into every layer of your enterprise fabric, build resilience and scale in your cyber program and secure the digital landscape.

Combining the strength of our deep BFSI domain expertise and our partner Aujas’ five-fold comprehensive set of services – Identity & Access Management, MTDR, Risk Advisory, Security Verification & Security Engineering – we aim to provide a blend of customized and sturdy solutions that protect your network from any cyber breach.

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Leverage our experienced security operations and response maturity to improve your cyber security posture

What we think

To help our clients strengthen their cyber security basis, we form a strategy and plan to help bridge the gap between existing security systems and new technologies. Our technique is designed to be simple and effective and it is aligned with the business needs of our clients. The following four elements drive our solution approach:

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  • Govern

    Evaluate the existing security state and design a plan to align the client's cyber program with business and compliance needs.

  • Transform

    Build and improve current programs and processes, supported by the right technology to comply with the client's business goals.

  • Defend

    Use advanced analytics to gain greater visibility into understanding issues related to evolving risk environment.

  • Respond

    Help to build a suitable strategy to respond to cyber incidents and conduct forensic analysis and detailed investigations.


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