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Insurance sector has always been the hotbed of innovation, and on-going pandemic has left the entire sector (life, property, casualty and healthcare) overwhelmed with pouring customer queries and service requests. In the course of handling day-to-day insurance operations like underwriting, claims processing, policy servicing, etc., insurers are flooded with humongous levels of routine, repetitive and operational tasks. This has contributed to rising costs and stalled growth in the insurance space.

Based on our experience working with large insurers we have identified current challenges that are prevalent in the industry -

Manual Input

Manual input from various data sources

Desparate Systems

Legacy applications and disparate systems

maintain compliance

Maintaining regulation and compliance


Higher TAT & operational cost

NSEIT’s Robotic Process Automation solution can analyse large volumes of data and deal with exceptions and translate them into insights to take actions. Our RPA solution can go beyond just cost reduction and efficiency, they can add significant value to businesses with solutions like - Process discovery, Process review, Process design (process reengineering & documentation), Bot design, Bot deployment, Bot ROI tracking, Bot Support.

We can help you achieve:

  • 70% increase in productivity
  • 90% increase in client satisfaction
  • 90% improvement in response time
  • 100% data processing accuracy

Our Automation solution (Intelligent Process Automation & RPA ) can give added support to help you automate whole work processes and streamline a more prominent number of their operational exercises

  • Claims Processing
  • Underwriting & pricing
  • Policy Administration & Servicing
  • Sales & Distribution

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