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Achieve automation at scale, and ensure business continuity during unprecedented times

Capital Market sector has been the cornerstone of economic stability and growth. But there’s lot of complexities which the capital market firms are facing currently – the current Covid situation has put the operational resilience to test along with the ever changing government regulations and compliances. Capital Market firms are under a tremendous pressure to reduce the timelines of their deliveries (middle & back office operations) at an optimized operational cost.

There’s an emerging need to solve these deep-rooted challenges along with maintaining margins, maximizing economies of scale and transparency. And these challenges can be solved by harnessing the power of Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

We know the DNA of Capital Market industry well and therefore our Robotic Process Automation framework curated for Capital Markets can go beyond just cost reduction.

Our RPA services can add significant value to businesses with personalization and higher degree of self-service solutions. We can identify the right opportunity areas for robotics within your front, middle and back office operations and can suggest process areas from where you can derive values and scale operations.

We can help you achieve:

  • 100% data processing accuracy
  • 90% improvement in response time
  • 90% increase in client satisfaction
  • 70% increase in productivity

"India’s leading Stock Exchange have streamlined and automated their key compliance processes with RPA"

Our RPA solution can give added support to help you automate whole work processes and streamline a more prominent number of their operational exercises

  • Trade Allocation
  • Trade Monitoring
  • KYC, Onboarding
  • Governance and Compliance

Discover how our solution will change the way you work