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Using Analytics to Optimize Operations for BFSI

Date & Time : 14th October 2020, 3.30 pm to 5.00 pm IST

BFSI organizations hold more data than money, and this trend is set to grow over the next few years, especially with people from lowest strata being included in the purview of BFSI sector in the last few years. BFSI sector can greatly benefit through data analytics and achieve operational excellency by seeking critical and right set of data points. In the ever expanding sea of data this can only be achieved via observability and combining insights from logs, metrics, and application performance monitoring (APM) data. Organizations bringing such data analytics tools are sprinting ahead in achieving the operational optimization.

With this context, NSEIT hosted a Webinar on the topic "Using Analytics to optimize operations for BFSI" co-hosted by Elastic.The key highlight of the webinar was a panel discussion featuring industry experts deliberating on the need for using data analytics for achieving operational optimization in BFSI sector.

Points of Discussion

    • Given the current pandemic situation, many companies in the BFSI sector have made a move to the cloud. How have tools and practices pertaining to observability changed in the light of this situation?
    • What is the importance of actionable information, and the right amount of information?
    • How significant are the three pillars - logs, metrics and traces (APM) of observability? How can organizations in BFSI sector benefit from unified visibility?


Satish Kashyap

Chief Operating Officer, NSEIT

Arpan Majumder

Global Head- Sales at NSEIT LIMITED

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