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AI-Assisted Infrastructure & Security Operations

Date & Time : 6th February 2020, 3 pm IST

The rise and maturity of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is challenging all industries to rethink their service models and 'IT infrastructure & security operations' is no exception. Growing complexity of IT infrastructure (On Premise, Hybrid, Cloud) & associated risks is putting forth pertinent questions in front of IT leaders.

How to reduce false alarms?

How to predict and prevent the failures?

Can we reduce outage duration (MTTR)?

How to improve service?

AI empowers self-diagnose and self-heal to optimize & secure the enterprise IT landscape across log analysis, capacity planning, infrastructure scaling, cost management, energy efficiency, perfomance tuning and other functions.

Webinar covers how to use a suite of intelligent tools to correlate data from networking gear, servers and applications to pinpoint the issue in real-time.

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