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Top priorities for IT Leadership in 2022

Dr. Pratap AM | JAN 28, 2022

It has become much more dynamic than it used to be. With the rising complexities, it also aligns it with the goals of the business so that the investors can see results from the beginning. In 2022 with several technological leaps forecasted in the world of AI and machine learning, it is important that IT leaders take the time to bring everyone on board. Cybersecurity and staffing are also two other things that should be given importance too. These key areas will be paramount for setting the trend for the future years so that they can take their organization forward.

Top priorities


Since everything is moving online, it is of utmost importance that your database and servers are secured by state-of-the-art cybersecurity. Cyber-attacks have become more frequent than ever, and groups are holding info for heavy ransoms. Having great contingency measures means having great cybersecurity that cannot be broken into easily.

After you have done a rundown of your company's strategic initiatives, you should also develop a cybersecurity roadmap for the coming year. This can involve implementing new software and security technologies while also focusing on the fundamentals.

You should check whether or not your security detail is up to date or not. Strong endpoint security solution goes a long way and also have inviolable backups. Plan for any situation. When you have a contingency plan in place, it will help you remain calm and look at the problem much more objectively.

It may be tempting to focus on newer technologies and get the latest iteration of everything, but they should not be vulnerable to the most basic attacks too. AI and machine learning are great at threat analysis, but they are of no use if you do not have the basic security protocols in place already.

Data and Analytics

According to Gartner, data literacy will become an important driver of business value by 2023. It is evident since it is included in nearly 80% of all data and analytics strategies and change management programs. Data literacy is the ability to understand, work with, and communicate with data. With data and analytics strategies becoming key to all aspects of digital businesses, the focus is on building a data-literate workforce.

Building a data-literate workforce does not mean that everyone becomes a data scientist. It is about developing a common understanding of the goals of an organization so that everyone can contribute to the whole. The role of a CDO (Chief Data Officer) will be quite important in increasing the data literacy of the workforce. They would be responsible for quantifying and communicating the success of data literacy training programs by defining and tracking relevant metrics.

The world is generating a lot more data than ever before. Large, hard-to-manage volumes of data are often termed Big Data. Almost everything runs on Big Data, from ML models to ERP software to network security tools. Although organizations have been collecting the necessary data to fuel these tools, data quality has never been the priority for most organizations. 2021 was the year when data quality improvement was prioritized. In 2022, data quality and data integrity will be the major focus areas for all organizations.


2021 has been the year of great resignation. Many mid-level employees have left their jobs for better opportunities. It can be a serious problem for the IT sector as these skills are hard to develop and need to be honed over the years.

A mass exodus means that many of the experienced individuals might leave your organization for more lucrative salaries and perks. You can make your work much more enticing and do Knowledge Transfers (KT) from time to time.

This engages many people at once and is also a great team-building exercise. On top of that, even if a few employees leave your business, the work would not come to a halt. You'll also get to know the strengths of various people and can then assign them roles accordingly. Having a well-balanced IT department is the need of the hour for many businesses.

As the demand for IT professionals increases globally, offshore development centers are becoming more popular than ever. An ODC is typically located in another country and provides you with IT, engineering, and other services. ODC, however, is not the same as outsourcing though. Outsourcing refers to delegating a business function or part of a function to a third-party vendor. On the other hand, ODC provides you with other services such as building a software development team, testing services, project-based development, and more to meet your requirements. If you are facing staffing issues, opting for the ODC model of T&M could prove beneficial for your company.

In the end

As a IT leader, we all should be pushing your company's narrative for these reforms as they will help your business a lot in the future. It is time people stop viewing IT as people who fix your internet and computer issues. With the adoption of data analytics into your business strategy, you can make better decisions than ever. With cybersecurity, you can protect your crucial data and systems. And, finally, with skilled resources you can do all the above, therefore what I feel is all these three are interrelated and is necessary for an organization to grow-sustain and ultimately thrive. At NSEIT, we are providing all three pillars, get in touch with us to know more.

Dr. Pratap AM

Senior Vice President – Global Sales & Marketing

Dr. Pratap is a seasoned industry expert who comes around with 24 years of rich industry experience. He has worked and led several large-scale digital transformation projects for global MNCs and is currently leading the sales and marketing department at NSEIT. He’s an avid traveler, loves sporting and is passionate about giving back to society and therefore he’s leading multiple CSR initiatives for the organization.

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