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About Finserv Summit 2022

Largely, this explosive growth in companies, usage, & adoption has been credited to the powerful combination of Cloud, IoT, AI & Analytics – this deep-tech trio, combined with edge computing is expected to provide the fastest fulfillment of banking processes in India than any other country in the World.

In the next three years, there will be an absolute and full digitalization of banking, insurance, lending, & payment infrastructures – driven by the above trio.

Customer onboarding, experience and life cycle value management, profiling & risk aversion will be some of the key outcomes this deep-tech-led transformation will drive.

India’s largest banking conference, the 10th Edition of Mint | TechCircle’s Finserv Summit will unravel the complexities of this new-age digi-fin ecosystem, identify the challenges ahead, and help course correct leadership blueprints.


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