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IT Infrastructure modernization

Increase operator productivity and developer agility with self-service provisioning


State Urban Development Agency


The client was facing challenges with respect to their IT operations. They were spending too much time manually building, configuring and maintaining infrastructure. This resulted in a considerable loss of - developer’s productivity, increased cost from over-provisioning/unused infrastructure and an increased risk of errors due to manual entry by multiple users. Therefore, the client wanted an innovative solution that could enable users to easily provision infrastructure on-demand and reduce their pain points.


NSEIT’s rich experience in the managing IT infrastructure environment came into play. NSEIT created a library of versioned and validated infrastructure templates to be consumed for on-demand provisioning for the client.

The solution helped our client to increase developer’s agility by allowing them to provision their own self-service infrastructure without an operator bottleneck. The solution also increased operator productivity by allowing them to serve more infrastructure request with predefined modules.

The solution was build using Terraform and Cloud or On-Prem to meet all the requirements of the client which led to an error-proof process, cost optimization, eliminating productive downtime thus adding up to their digital transformation efforts.

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