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Making Collection Smarter for a Multinational Bank

One of the largest public sector bank in India, wanted to streamline and automate its collection process across the country to have a better visibility of the defaulters and manage delinquency in a near real time manner.

New age back office system with next-gen technology

One of the largest stock exchanges in the world was using an independent system unified into clearing system. Unfortunately, the firms were encountering various challenges in back office system, which aggravated operational issues for the exchange’s business users.

Customer Behaviour Segmentation

A growing co-operative bank near Mumbai faced common challenges like shrinking profits, congested teller counters, lack of customer differentiation and low ROI on technology investments to name a few. This bank was continuously striving to acquire new customers and retain the existing ones.

Automating and Standardising regulatory compliance for a leading Stock Exchange

India’s leading stock exchange with approximately listed companies wanted to redo its compliance platform to enable standardization, inter-operability and efficiency. The companies listed with the stock exchange shared volumes of compliance documents which were needed as per regulatory directive from SEBI.

Automated end-to end auctioning platform for Tea Board of India

Tea Board of India is responsible for development, promotion, regulation, and enablement of tea industry and its trading activities. The Board needed an online automated bidding system for auctioning of bulk tea and tea waste and also a settlement process to bring transparency and efficiency in the auctioning system. There was also need of a system to issue certificate for import and export of tea.

Modernized e-Auction platform

An Indian multinational banking and financial service company wanted to build an online auction platform for one of their government account that approached the firm to implement solution to reduce its NPAs. Hence, the firm was looking for a vendor with prior experience and expertise in developing e-Auction systems.

Investor Portal & Depositary System for Leading Exchange in South East Asia.

In order to enrich its user’s experience, a leading stock exchange in South East Asia wanted a platform which would provide the investors more personalized services by giving them more control over their accounts. This was considered to be a prime requirement to establish better relationship between the exchange and its investors.

Incident analysis for the largest payment company in India

With the thrust from government of India on digital payments, electronic payments in India are on a rise. As a result, payment systems are constantly on the radar of cyber criminals. To protect its assets and network against all kinds of prevalent cyber-attacks, the participants of payment ecosystem need to keep a check on threat incidents and act on those in a timely manner.

Application Infrastructure Monitoring for a leading Indian exchange

The client- A leading Indian Exchange- deals with humungous amount of transactions on a daily basis which requires a huge infrastructure of business applications. The Exchange faced several challenges because of its size, speed and complex infrastructure needed for order matching, clearing and post-trade. It needed a system that could monitor its applications, datacentres, servers, databases and would seamlessly plug into a 24*7 running system.

Policy Administration System migration for SBI life insurance

As part of its IT modernization initiative, the client was looking at upgrading its core policy administration system for individual and group business to better support its complex product development and underwriting needs. The company’s existing system (Indigo PMS), was not able to support large volumes of data and hence was becoming a hindrance for the company to achieve desirable speed to market.

Automation of Operations of Venture Capital Funds Vertical (VCF)

The client decided to digitize the VCF process in order to build a robust eco system. The client was facing many challenges like high turnaround time in previous processes because of huge volume of physical documentations. Hence, the client was scrutinizing the IT service providers for a vendor who could modernize their VCF operational process with a state-of-the art web based technology.

Automation of CRM processes for a leading life insurance firm

One of the leading life insurance companies of India wanted to increase efficiency of its CRM system by automating some of the manual and time intensive tasks. In addition to collecting essential information required to deliver personalized experience to its customers, CRM system was also being used as a customer touch point.

XpressSTP -Modernizing trading process for a leading broking house

A leading broking house in Mumbai was facing the common problem of using traditional method in their trade process where each and every transaction involved multiple data entry from paper base documents causing errors, delays with susceptibility to frauds. The traditional method of capturing and processing information such as personal, financial or transactional details would delay the process of settlement because of human intervention.

Scriptless Automation: Enhanced agility with optimized cost & quality for India’s leading housing finance provider

A critical area of digital improvement for the leading housing finance provider of India having ~2 million deposit accounts & Gross loans of the order of ~$4 trillion was the modernization of the quality assurance infrastructure which had a direct impact on speed-to-market and bottom-line.

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