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Creating a dynamic future for the digital insurer

Navigating the COVID Crisis

COVID 19 has unleashed a massive systematic shock across the insurance sector. Insurers are looking to meet the needs of the customer, workforces and ensure operational resilience

Insurance in COVID-19 : Creating Digital Solutions for the New Normal

Amidst the rising margin pressures and shrinking revenues – insurers must look at technology as a lever to gain business resilience and a sustainable competitive advantage
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Trusted Partner for Six out of top Ten Insurance companies in India

The insurance industry is at the brink of disruption today with new-age technologies like block-chain, AI , RPA , IoT, high-touch on-demand experiences optimizing the insurance value-chain. Insurer success depends on their ability to deal with legacy systems, changing regulations and compliance requirements & winning the powerplay of customer experience.

Personalized offerings and tailored communication is a necessity in today’s world as customers have complex needs and are more informed about their choices than ever before.

NSEIT helps forward-looking insurers gain a competitive advantage by providing dynamic smart solutions to become more customer-centric, improve pricing and create operational efficiencies.

Who we serve?

We help our clients transform their business & drive growth by streamlining business processes & facilitating new operating models.

Life & Annuity

We help Life & Annuity clients scale their business by smarter segmentation & acquisition of target customers, new product launch & development, claims management & optimization


We enable health insurance providers manage risk, reduce cost and grow through digital innovation, platform modernization, enhance distribution and marketing and improve the overall agility of the system.

General/Property & Casualty

General/P&C insurance providers benefit from our integrated solutions present across the insurance value-chain to better market, acquire and retain customers by offering smarter solutions for underwriting, pricing & customer experiences.


Our understanding of business processes, system interfaces and data elements in the insurance sector enables us to take a consultative approach to assess, prioritize and implement successful digital solutions that enhance customer centricity and drive business growth in the digital era.

Combining the strength of our three digital transformation pillars – Data & Analytics, Business Transformation and App & Infra Modernization – we drive solutions across

  • Marketing, Sales & Distribution
  • Underwriting
  • Servicing & Policy Administration
  • Claims Management

Our Clients

150+ satisfied clients & growing

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Enhanced customer satisfaction with RPA

Steer Productivity & Cost Optimization across CRM

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