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Enterprises are facing ever-increasing pressure to optimize cloud usage to hit their essential organizational goals. This is largely due to expansion from utilizing a single cloud provider to a multi-cloud strategy in order to “enable better workload matching, improved redundancy and increased agility. To deal with this, Infrastructure and operations leaders have felt a need for providing automation, governance, life cycle management and brokering across multi-cloud environments. Therefore they are moving towards a rapidly evolving Cloud Management Platform (CMP) that exactly meets their enterprise requirements.

NSEIT’s CMP – a Hybrid Cloud Management Platform (CMP) let’s you govern your hybrid cloud while empowering developers with self-service IT by quickly turning the enterprise into a cloud provider. We make it easier for a cloud admin to manage different clouds in a hybrid cloud environment. Instead of having to shift from one console to the next, admins can just stick to one console and get all the information or perform all the tasks needed, such as:

  • Provisioning and managing VMs/service
  • Forecasting and reporting costs
  • Optimizing, automating, and orchestrating workloads

NSEIT’s Cloud Management Platform can help organizations and IT leaders to :-

  • Consistent self-service interface to IT for any cloud
  • Hybrid/Multi-cloud enablement and automation
  • Cost analytics, optimization and chargeback
  • Instant insights, dashboards, reporting and management
  • DevOps, toolchain and software development integration
  • Cloud-agnostic workload delivery (brownfields discovery)
  • OOTB integrated to enterprise systems – ITSM, IPAM, AD/SSO, Backup +
  • Visibility, compliance, governance, security and efficiency

With our Cloud Management Platform, organizations have achieved :-

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