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NSEIT encourages budding talent and an engaging work environment. If active participation and challenging status quo is what you seek, then we would be thrilled to welcome you to the world of NSEIT. At NSEIT, we highly encourage getting it done right the first time NSEIT provides a platform for individuals seeking opportunities in the capital market, banking and insurance industries.

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What possibilities can you discover at NSEIT?

Continuous learning

Everything is possible.

At NSEIT, we believe continuous learning is the key to holistic development. Employees are encouraged to take on certain company sponsored certification courses aligned to the specific work area, thus ensuring that you excel in your chosen area of expertise. We give you ample opportunities to train, learn and consequently earn exceptional rewards.

Fun at work

Work hard, party harder!

At NSEIT, our employees are our valuable assets and we believe that to create, grow and sustain, it's the people who should be recognized and rewarded. We have close knit teams, with an informal but disciplined environment and an adventurous spirit that makes you feel the camaraderie at your work place. We together celebrate special occasions and create memories.

"Ripples", the Annual Awards event is organized to reward excellence at work and provide a platform for NSEITians to celebrate as a team. As the name suggests this event sends a wave of excitement & enthusiasm among NSEITians every year.

Inclusive and Diverse Environment

Work with the best minds from different back grounds!

NSEIT provides equal opportunity for all employees and all applicants for employment, without regard to their race, gender, religion, color, national origin, age, disability, veteran status, or citizenship. We are fully committed to the principle of fairness and respect for the individual in the employment processes.

We also welcome people from different back grounds such as engineering, economics, finance, law, technology and arts. We just don’t value diversity, we celebrate it!

Voice your view

We care!

At NSEIT, we value not just your work but your voice too. And you will be heard. ‘We Care' an Online Suggestion Scheme has been launched by the HR team for the wellbeing of the employees as well as bring a positive change in the working environment.

The objective behind the 'We Care' scheme has been to evolve an organized channel, which will help an employee's ideas to bring improvement at the work place. The 'We Care' initiative at NSEIT is all about recognizing employees with creative ideas and motivating them to contribute for the growth and prosperity of the organization. This is pivotal for the We Care goal, which is to promote Teamwork, Ownership and Accountability at all levels.

What do we look for?

Our success is heavily invested with our employees and hence we believe it’s important to look for the right people whose values and passions align with those of the firm. We have an elaborate process in place to get to know each other and understand your strengths to match you to the right opportunities within the firm

Following are the five attributes that we look for in an individual –



We love people that are self- motivated and self-driven to work independently and take charge

technical capabilities

Technical capabilities

We are in awe of individuals who are the masters in their respective fields to deliver quality and value for our clients

first time right

First Time Right

We love go – getters who want to get it right in the first go itself!



We value individuals that can build relationships of high value and sustain those relationships with ease


Business acumen

We highly appreciate individuals that can envision the business value of outcomes

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Our Success depends on your success

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