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Pioneering customer-centric innovation & delivering large scale value.

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Leading Qualitia Partner for Scriptless Test Automation Platform

Conduct Test Automation without writing code? That’s not the near future but the very present!

Taking the lead from developers, “Low-code/no-code” approaches are being extended to testers to reduce time-to-market and free the team from the complexities of low-level implementation details. Teams can now focus on high-level strategic work that adds business value.

We help enterprises construct their script-less test automation cycle in a collaborative way – right from object identification, scripting, execution, up-to reporting.

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NSEIT - The leading partner of Qualitia can help enterprises of all sizes implement test automation on Web, Desktop and Mobile applications in minutes

Our Experience

Housing Finance

Modernized the quality assurance infrastructure of India’s leading housing finance provider

  • 20% Cost Savings across the loan application process

  • False Error dropped by 95%

Life Insurance

Transformed the software testing landscape of India’s leading Life Insurer by – automating the test of their core policy administration system across 40+ different products.

  • 4x faster deployment across the processes of new business, endorsement, cancellation & re-instatement

  • False error dropped by 70% across the Policy life cycle

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