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Pioneering customer-centric innovation & delivering large scale value.

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Leading Automation Anywhere Partner for RPA - IPA Solution

Organizations are on a constant lookout to streamline and optimize their business operations to improvise their decision-making ability and enhance the customer service experience.

To achieve this, Automation Anywhere brings a platform to automate all your standard and repetitive business processes so that you focus on generating better business value.

Partnering with Automation Anywhere, NSEIT helps you in your digital transformation journey by automating business processes aligning with the objective of optimizing your investment, reducing operational inefficiencies and streamlining operations.

With our established Center of Excellence (CoE) and certified pool of resources, NSEIT provides:

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NSEIT’s Experience

Finance & Accounts, Procurement (Vendor Management and Procure-to-Pay), Bank Reconciliation processes in Real Estate and Insurance industry

Loan Foreclosure, Currency Remittance in Banking Industry

Service desk, CRM operations in Insurance industry

Compliance, Regulatory, Inspection processes in Capital Markets industry

Back Office operations in Logistic and Telecom industry

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