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Leading Antworks Partner for Artificial Intelligence Solution

Most enterprises have begun their journey of process automation by implementing bots that mimic human actions. A major challenge with conventional automation platforms is their limited ability to deal with unstructured data in documents, leading to low accuracy and restricted business benefits due to high error rates.

Automation approach of enterprises need to evolve to consider advanced automation platforms with cognitive capabilities. As the Intelligent automation partner of Antworks, NSEIT helps its customers in automating business processes which have structured and unstructured contents by capturing extremely high quality and accurate data. We help enhance and accelerate your business process automation through “Straight-Through-Processing”, for example - Invoice Processing, KYC, Claim Processing, Fraud Detection.

Using the advanced technology and algorithms of Antworks, NSEIT provides:

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With our best-in-class expertise on Antworks CMR (Cognitive Machine Reading – AI, ML, NLP) powered by concept of Fractal Science, and Queenbots (Digital Workforce), we can help our customers with end to end automation by enabling:

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