Case Study

Web portal for E-Cashless IPD

The Context

To redesign a module for the portal Cashless Request management system/portal which was earlier developed but could not be used due to severe usability hitches.

Business Objectives

  • Design to encourage non-tech savvy users to use the online system to help complete the processing in minimal time.

  • Portal whose aim is to convert the manual process into automate done by saving human effort at different level sand time to complete the cashless requests management processes in minimal time and speed the process for important tasks with efficiency & accuracy.

  • Eliminate pain –points which were the reasons for the non-usability of the product.

UX Solution

  • Conducted a three-track project within an aggressive time frame, Technology strategy, User Experience design and necessary modification to cashless portal.

  • New user interface categorizes and displays rich content in a pleasing format that complies with brand guidelines and is easier to navigate, understand and act on.

  • Validated information architecture and design with usability testing.

  • Improve screen level functionality, interaction & usability, to enhance user experience and efficient and quick task completion.

  • Provided a smooth processing of Procurement, Sales, Inventory Management, Accounting while automating activities involved in the various modules.

Technical Architecture

Technical Architecture