Case Study

OGG Trading


  • Jmeter is pure Java tool, which allows to execute this tool in any platform (i.e. platform independent).

  • It is an open source non functional testing tool so that the frame work can be expanded Performance testing can be done using jmeter.

  • JMeter supports following Http Request, FTP Request, java request , SOAP Request.

  • JMeter mainly used for performance testing (load, stress), No Scripting language or any programming knowledge is required to use Jmeter.

  • GUI are very user friendly, which helps in executing and recording application sessions.

Cost Reduction: This is a open source tool where it is completely free.
Types of tests can be performed: Load Test, Stress Test, Endurance Test, Spike Test.

Fast Facts

  • Perf Team Size: – 2

  • Project Duration – Ongoing

  • Technology Stack – Core Java

About client

Ogg Trading, LLC is a New York based company committed to providing deeply liquid, highly sophisticated, best of breed trading solutions and capabilities for institutional foreign exchange clients. Fueled by the highest quantitative capabilities, the company will facilitate our client’s ability to achieve best execution standards by deploying the most useful, state of the art trading software available in the marketplace. Our clients will enjoy a significant advantage over their competitors in executing their trades.


Dark trader admin server

Product Information

Dark trader admin server is application where admin user and ogg client user login and get the multiple reports like trade report, order report, volume report etc.

Performance approach

We have taken data as 10, 100, 500 and 1000 concurrent users logged into application and generate various reports with 500 and 1000 trades. Also the test scenarios includes adding, modifying and deleting of users, symbol etc.


  • Response times are high when downloading report due to some DB queries were not executing.

  • In Application code proxy connections were opened. Due to this users were not able to login to system causing to failure when running with simultaneous run.

  • Not able to login more than 10 users at a time. By changing concurrent connections in code now able to login more users.

Architecture of Jmeter

Architecture of Jmeter