Integrated Security Response Center - ISRC

Next-Generation Cyber Attack Prevention Suite.

Security Quality Management Services

The security services implemented for the various segments of an organization includes authentication of the resources of the system. The application, infrastructure, processes and people are validated to match with the system design. It covers a range of technologies and relevant assessment technologies. The validation procedures are designed on the basis of the objective and threat scenario.

The activities performed for security services are:

  • Cyber Security Governance and Framework Reviews.

  • Data Privacy Framework Reviews.

  • Brand Detection Testing.

  • Red Team Simulation and War Games.

  • Advance Malware testing.

  • Mobile Security Testing.

  • Web Application security testing.

  • Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing.

  • Secure Code reviews.

  • IT Infrastructure security testing and configuration reviews.

  • Social engineering validation.

  • APT assessment services.

  • Secure release program operations.

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