Integrated Security Response Center - ISRC

Next-Generation Cyber Attack Prevention Suite.

Cyber Threat Management

The risk and consequences of cyber attacks have to be evaluated before implementation a security system. The threat management framework enables the organizations to design proactive and reactive strategies against the evolving risks and threats.

Our Threat Management solutions are classified as below:

  • Application Security.

  • Network Security.

  • Data Security.

  • User Security.

  • Security Intelligence and Analytics.

Integrated Security Response Center( ISRC)

Cyber criminals continue to innovate, deceive, and ultimately breach organizations and their existing security solutions through their highly advanced tools and techniques. As attacks have become more advanced, so must the security measures used by organizations to protect themselves. Cyber Security today is a board concern and major breaches had led to financial loss for firms and there lied the need for strong Cyber Defense and Incident response plan.

ISRC prime features include advanced methods and practices to counter large-scale, sophisticated cyber threats, Knowledge-base COE to support development of cyber-security strategy, culture and level of cyber threats awareness, 24x7 operations monitoring and management center that accept, triage, and collaboratively respond to incidents.

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