Domain based solution for Life, Non-Life and Health.


Insurance industry is one of the most versatile of the finance sectors. With frequent changes in parameters like customer habits, impacts the basic trends of insurance plans and claims. The various branches of insurance like automobile, housing, medical and industrial have their individual practices and vulnerabilities. For this uncertainty, the industry has increasing demands for better service.

The introduction of mobile application and online services in insurance domain has an important role to play in providing precise service to the client. Simultaneously the competition is taking turns with non-traditional companies joining the race. Technology, client practices, government rules and various other parameters have their impact on the industry. Providing solutions to this domain is a task, and is handled by NSEIT.


The NSEIT Stroke

NSEIT provides services to insurance companies. Our services primarily include technological support, development and testing of applications. We also provide services for mobile insurance solutions, data migration, and data analytics.

  • Serving Two Segments

    The perimeter of our services extends to two important segments of Insurance industry i.e. Life Insurance and General Insurance.

  • Life Insurance

    The Life Insurance solutions provided by NSEIT encompass activities that go into making Life insurance plans. The services work on gathering client requirements and implementing them using technological experience.

  • General or Non-life Insurance

    The General insurance includes the automobile, housing, and industrial insurance plans. NSEIT provides software services pertaining to development and testing of the solutions.

Our Services

Our services for insurance companies consider five functions, which with technological experience helps us to provide a solution.

Application Development

NSEIT provides application development services for various insurance portals.

Mobile Insurance Solutions

NSEIT has developed mobile insurance appliances. The appliances are compatible with the various leading mobile operating systems. The mobile applications help to nurture the existing clients and making new clients as well.

Manual and Automation Testing

NSEIT provides application development services for various insurance portals. With client requirement gathering and software development, the solutions provide clients with solutions.

Data Migration

NSEIT provides the technology, tools, and processes for successful migration of data for insurance domain needs. We provide the processes like migrating, cleaning, and integration of data.

Data Analytics

Management of data is another aspect in the insurance domain. Data analytics face challenges like cost, time consumption and interrupted deployment procedures. Constant amendments in the legalization keep the data flow varying. Addressing these challenges NSEIT has designed a system for analyzing data and utilizing it. The Data Analysis system hence provides a view of the data providing the quick accurate and cost effective solutions

NSEIT Best Practices

NSEIT has a set of best practices for the insurance business. The practices focus on providing better customer experience and solutions for our clients.

Customer Experience

Customer satisfaction is the key feature of a business. The solutions provided by NSEIT help to understand the customer needs, generation of business leads, inducing automation and customizing various options. The services work on customer experience and aligning the customer with the business.


NSEIT has designed processes aligned with the Utility model that provides scalable and flexible solutions for insurance companies. The solutions allow companies to be responsive towards the market forces. The models have processes defined for monitoring, billing, and output management.

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