Comprehensive end-to-end exchange solution that automates all steps in the trade cycle.


NSEIT has been working on Exchange solutions since its inception. Our domain expertise ranges from Equities, Derivative, Currency, ETI, Commodities and Power Exchange to e-Auction areas. We have a team of domain experts including business analysts, developers and testers who work on various areas of exchanges, and regulatory compliances on a daily basis.


Value Proposition

We have proven experience in building solutions in the following areas.

  • Creating exchange solution in Equities segment.

  • Providing services for Derivatives, Currency, ETI and Commodities segments.

  • Order Management System, Pre and Post Trade Risk Management.

  • Matching Algorithms, Exchange Connectivity, Regulatory Compliance.

  • Index and management of Indices, Membership, Historical Data.

  • Investors' Grievance Management, Defaulter Database, Arbitration.

  • Front Office and BackOffice, Clearing & Settlement.

  • Exchange Portals (Extranet and Internet), Financial and Accounting System.

Our Domain Expertise

Optimize your business performance while challenging the conventional to drive innovation for tomorrow.

Exchange Connectivity

  • Developed Price Feed Adapters for all Indian exchange segments Implemented FIX 4.2 for exchange connectivity
  • Provides different order types for seamless routing capability for
  • Multiple exchange segments
  • Developed systems to handle high frequency (tick-by-tick) data

Front office System for Sell Side

  • Delivers use of latest technological advancements.
  • Supports price feed integration from multiple.
  • Provides a single solution for Equities, Derivatives, Commodities and Currency.
  • Delivers superior calculation speeds for large portfolios.
  • Supports different order types with facility of order seamless routing capability.
  • Provides integrated pre and post Trade risk management.
  • Supports data dissemination using TCP and Multicast.
  • Facilitates multiple market watches with flexible GUI.

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