Capital Market

NSEIT can help capital market firms achieve differentiation and operational excellence.


NSEIT has Capital Market experience in the area of Brokerage solutions, Exchange solutions, High Frequency Trading, Commodities, Fixed Income and Depository areas with domain knowledge driving our technology Innovation in this space.

Our domain expertise includes algorithmic trading (ultra low latency system), order management system, Front office and back office, exchange connectivity using native and FIX, Pre-trade and post-trade risk management, regulatory and compliance management, surveillance, exchange adapters, exchange simulator, mobile trading and straight through processing areas.

Proven expertise in Capital Market space has recognized NSEIT in the market for providing software solutions for domain, verification & validation services (TCOE) and domain consulting.

NSEIT’s business analysis and technical teams are NCFM certified for their domain skills in Capital Markets. NSEIT’s knowledge driven technology innovation team has brought in Mobility, Analytics and UX together along with deployment in cloud for providing solutions to its clients.

High Frequency Trading
Capital market

Our Offerings

We build solutions in the following areas

  • Algorithmic Trading (ultra low latency system)

  • Order Management System

  • Front Office and Back Office

  • Exchange Connectivity using Native and FIX

  • Pre-trade and Post-trade Risk Management

  • Regulatory and Compliance Management

  • Surveillance

  • Exchange Adapters

  • Exchange Simulator

  • Mobile Trading

Our Expertise

Optimize your business performance while challenging the conventional to drive innovation for tomorrow.

High Frequency Trading

High Frequency Trading is a type of algorithmic trading, wherein tools and technologies are used for high speed trading. Latencies are measured in microseconds and speed is a competitive advantage.

Fixed Income

Trading in Fixed Income require suitable technology along with real-time, accurate market intelligence.


NSEIT provides services to Depositories that handle most of the securities held and settled in dematerialized form in the Indian capital market.


NSEIT's domain expertise in Commodities Trading has helped Design, Develop, Implement & support a solution for Commodity Trading houses to manage the complete flow of physical and financial commodity contracts.

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