Business Process Monitoring

Infrastructure availability – anytime, anywhere.

Business Process Monitoring

In order to ensure performance of your application architecture one needs to see in all directions, anticipating problems before your customers are affected. Our Application Performance Monitoring solution provides deep visibility in every direction, delivering 360° Situational Awareness of your applications with deep visibility. It discovers this information automatically and it does it in real-time.

The functionality is delivered real-time for application monitoring, analytics and alerting along with deep-dive tracking of messages across Web Services, Java, .NET, MQ and CICS on both distributed and mainframe platforms. It is built on an advanced application analytics engine using Complex Event Processing that delivers early-warnings about problems in order to ensure the availability and performance of your important applications.

It is delivered thru a layered architecture with an advanced application analytical engine using at its core. The Complex Event Processing engine was built specifically for application performance monitoring and comes with prebuilt rules, policies and templates.

The tool can automatically discover and track messages or transactions across Web Services, Java, .NET, middleware and CICS. This creates a real-time visualization and monitoring of business transactions and has capability to utilize message payload when “stitching” transactions and also has ability to handle asynchronous transactions.

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