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Organisations are tasked with managing the rapid evolution in business models to meet the needs of today’s digital consumer and pre-empt its consumer behaviour to stay ahead of its competitors. Business Analytics is increasingly becoming an important tool to achieve this and gain competitive advantage.

Businesses are building up huge volumes of data from multiple channels, online transactions, and connected devices. This data can represent many insights about the business performance, customers and the competition.

For Organisations, understanding the sequence of data and making sense of the information can help transform their business. Analyzing the data gives better information about the market trends and customer behaviour. It also tells the customer interests when and by what level to adjust the pricing and improve earnings. Besides, it helps manage non profitable assets and avoid risk frauds to help reduce risk exposure.

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Our Mission

Our Mission

NSEITs mission is to empower our clients to enhance their business performance. To achieve this goal we work as a trusted advisor in exploring the data for valuable business decisions.


Our understanding of handling of high volumes of data and gathering insights from them has benefitted our clients in reducing costs, attract, manage and retain profitable customers and improve business efficiency by applying a wide range of advanced analytics capabilities tailored to each business need.
Our approach integrates all data sources and provides the following benefits:

  • By combining our tools and industry expertise NSEIT delivers analytics solutions that provide insights into business performance and derive competitive advantage.

  • Unearth new insights more swiftly Unearth new insights more swiftly and more easily from all types of data—including big data—and with the help of multiple platforms and devices.

  • Deployment options NSEIT also offers Analytics as a Service (AaaS) , Software as a Service (SaaS) and Platform as Service (PaaS) options for Business analytics using various tools and techniques.

Our Key Expertise

Analytics Consultancy

At NSEIT we use the power of Analytics to fundamentally change the way people do business.


SaaS offers substantial opportunities for organizations of all sizes to shift the risks of software acquisition.

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